' Layton's Chance Vineyard & Winery - Whites


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  Floral, grapefruit, crisp, dry white. 
$25.04 per Bottle
 This is our light oaked version that adds a slightly heavier body and nutty character.
$25.04 per Bottle
Blend of Traminette & Vidal is perfectly suited for a crisp table wine. Herbal, grapefruit medium acid.
$16.38 per Bottle
 Sweet Vidal similar to a Moscato. Honey, apricot, pear. Can be served as a dessert wine.
$12.53 per Bottle
 Concentrated Vidal with a splash of lemon.
$14.45 per Bottle
Traminette grape similar to a sweet Riesling. Honeysuckly, jasmine, apricot. 
$14.45 per Bottle